Community meeting in Bamako, Mali

MVP thanks the community in Bamako, Mali

On 10 September 2014, the MVP team and partners joined Professor Samba Sow, principal investigator at Center for Vaccine Development-Mali (CVD-Mali) in Bamako, and his entire team, in thanking the community for their support and participation in five clinical studies.  The first study, PsA-TT-002, started in 2006 at CVD-Mali; the final study PsA-TT-007 was completed earlier this year. The participation of the local community was of tremendous importance in developing MenAfriVac®.

MVP would like to thank the CVD team for their commitment and excellent work over the years. The five studies tested the safety and efficacy of the vaccine as well as the duration of the protection against disease.  Prof. Sow and his team presented the results of the latest study (PsA-TT-007) to the attending community, discussing policy with future plans for introducing the vaccine into routine vaccination programs and the importance of completing the mass campaigns in all meningitis belt countries. Community senior representatives expressed their thanks to the CVD research team, MVP, and all partners; they also shared their views on the value of life-saving vaccines to protect their people from deadly and devastating diseases such as meningitis. Prior to the community meeting the scientific results were presented to the Malian Ministry of Health, local ethic committees, Gabriel Touré University Hospital pediatricians, the entire CVD team, and partners.

The Meningitis Vaccine Project will come to a close in December 2014. The work performed at CVD-Mali and other African sites, including Navrongo Health Research Center in Ghana, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement in Senegal, and Medical Research Council in The Gambia, has clearly demonstrated that a vaccine can be developed in Africa to the highest scientific, professional, and ethical standards for the public health of Africans. It is thanks to them that to date over 153 million people have been vaccinated and are protected against meningitis A. Over the coming years the vaccine will be rolled out in all affected countries, offering protection against this terrifying and dreadful disease.

MenAfriVac® is manufactured by Serum Institute of India Ltd.

Photo: Geoff Ward/Film & Photography