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Following the devastating epidemic of 1996–1997 (more than 250,000 cases of disease and over 25,000 deaths), African leaders called for the development of a vaccine that would eliminate, once and for all, group A meningitis epidemics in Africa.

MenAfriVac® (Serum Institute of India Ltd.), a tailor-made vaccine for Africa, was developed and licensed in record time and introduced at large scale in meningitis-belt countries in 2010. Since then, more than 217 million people in 15 countries have received the vaccine.


''There is no point in having a vaccine if you cannot roll it out. This is a story for donors, who increasingly need to know that the money which is going into developing countries is actually having an impact, and this is a very good example of something which has a clear and measurable impact.”
Helen Evans, interim chief executive officer, GAVI, Kyodo News, 7 December 2010.


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