Welcome to the MVP newsroom. The newsroom allows easy access to current and past press releases from MVP, WHO and PATH meningitis-related announcements, and MVP quarterly news digests. The newsroom also provides a range of resources, including MVP fact sheets, answers to frequently asked questions, interviews and stories from the field, photographs, and audio and video clips.

Press releases and announcements

Mass campaign with first vaccine allowed “outside cold chain” in Africa protects remotest African regions from deadly meningitis epidemics - 19 February 2014 (pdf 324 kb)

Study of meningitis A mass vaccination campaign in sub-Saharan Africa shows dramatic impact of new vaccine - 12 September 2013 (pdf 395 kb)

100 000 000 people vaccinated with MenAfriVac in 2012 (pdf 141 kb) - 15 November 2012 (in French)

Revolutionary meningitis vaccine breaks another barrier; first to gain approval to travel outside cold chain - 14 November 2012 (pdf 78 kb)

Dr. Marie-Pierre Préziosi to be new director of the Meningitis Vaccine Project - 1 March 2012 (pdf 266 kb)

Meningitis Vaccine Project director Dr. F. Marc LaForce to retire - 20 December 2011 (pdf 162 kb)

Dramatic fall in cases of meningitis A in three West African nations after MenAfriVac™ introduction - 9 June 2011 (pdf 170 kb)

Revolutionary new meningitis vaccine set to wipe out deadly epidemics in Africa - 6 December 2010 (pdf 85 kb)

Meningitis vaccine receives crucial approval - 23 June 2010

African health ministers to introduce new vaccine to prevent deadly meningitis epidemics - 4 September 2008 (pdf 29 kb)

Yaoundé Declaration - 4 September 2008 (pdf 27 kb)

Improved meningitis vaccine for Africa could signal eventual end to deadly scourge - 8 June 2007 (pdf 68 kb)

The Meningitis Vaccine Project and Serum Institute of India Limited report successful Phase 1 clinical trial of new vaccine - 15 March 2006 (pdf 74 kb)

WHO and PATH appoint director of Meningitis Vaccine Project - 30 July 2001 (pdf 76 kb)

PATH and WHO applaud $70 million award from Gates Foundation to prevent meningitis epidemics in Africa - 30 May 2001 (pdf 119 kb)